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        Plays for Children.

        Plays for Children

        Артикул: 7737

        Before Siddharta became the Buddha, he spent many lives practicing as a bodhisattva. This book of charming and easily produced plays for children contains tales of wisdom and kindness from his past lives as animals as well as his life as Prince Siddharta.

        950 руб.
        Liberating Animals.

        Liberating Animals

        Артикул: 7736

        Liberating Animals from the Danger of Death and Other Ways to Benefit Them, is a profound method to prolong life and cure sickness. Relying on the truth of cause and effect, practitioners make special effort to give life and benefit to helpless creatures that are on the verge of being killed.

        1250 руб.
        The New Tibetan-English Dictionary.

        The New Tibetan-English Dictionary

        Отзывы (3)

        Артикул: 8177

        The New Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan surpasses existing dictionaries in both scope and comprehensiveness.

        10020 руб.
        Отзывы о товаре

        The New Tibetan-English Dictionary

        Ве­ли­ко­леп­ный сло­варь!!!


        The New Tibetan-English Dictionary

        За­ме­ча­тель­ный сло­варь!


        The New Tibetan-English Dictionary

        Хо­ро­ший сло­варь, но це­на до­ро­гая.


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